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Mother Teresa's Business Card

When I met Mother Teresa in 1996, she gave me her 'business card,' which laid out a simple path.

The Simple Path:

  • The fruit of SILENCE is Prayer

  • The fruit of PRAYER is Faith

  • The fruit of FAITH is Love

  • The fruit of LOVE is Service

  • The fruit of SERVICE is Peace

Throughout the years, during times of chaotic energy, I have found myself looking at Mother Teresa's recipe for living simply and beautifully. When she first gave me her business card, I took it literal and followed the steps methodically. It worked well. It helped me focus on positivity and to release worry and some stress. When I put effort into one or more of this areas, I did receive the fruits.

As I have learned more about Energy Medicine, my understanding of the fruits have changed. The energy, or frequency, of silence is a wonderful space to sit in. Being engaged in your prayer while enjoying the silence really connects you to quantum consciousness. When you are in that energy, faith seems so easily attained and the energy of love flows effortlessly into thoughts of how you can help yourself or others. And once you connect to the answers deep within, you find peace.

This simple path can be a life-long process of learning or an afternoon meditation. I encourage you to follow Mother Teresa's words and see if you find more of life's beauty on this simple path.

Blessings for a beautiful day!


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