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I Met A Saint!

When I journeyed to Calcutta, India, in 1996, I hoped that I would see Mother Teresa. I had a dream where she told me to come see her because I had questions that needed to be answered. In the dream, she held my hand and then patted the back of it with her other hand. The dream felt so real. My hopes were surpassed when I was able sit 5 feet from her during Mass, for five days in a row, and was given the opportunity to meet her in-person after the service on the fifth day.

While I knelt next to her, I was in the energy of pure love and compassion. She took my hand exactly as she did in the dream. As I looked into her eyes, I received all of the answers before she said a word.

This amazing journey happened long before she became Saint Teresa of Calcutta, but the insights and lessons I learned in India are just as important today as they were 20+ years ago.

In the spiritual awakenings blog posts, I will be sharing more stories from my time with Mother Teresa and volunteering in her Missionaries of Charity centers. I hope you will visit my blog again soon!

Have a beautiful day!


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