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I THIRST: Mother Teresa and the Journey of Unconditional Faith offers a spiritual and inspirational journey of learning to choose faith over fear while you find yourself entrenched in life’s challenges.


This book takes readers through a search for faith amidst real life circumstances of depression, attempted suicide, seeing (and being) the poorest of the poor, serving dying destitutes, meeting Mother Teresa, and much more.  This spiritual journey to find answers turns into one of delight and despair.  The reader experiences the struggle and transformation when one chooses to live in faith instead of exist in fear. 


I THIRST is a book for people who admired the works of Mother Teresa, anyone who is struggling in crisis, feeling unfulfilled, looking for increased faith, or longing to answer a call or dream.  Anyone who is thirsting will be quenched by the power unconditional faith and the new philosophy for daily life that will emerge.