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Contact me to try out the biofeedback app for FREE for 14 days.  The app has 3 main areas of analysis: Body, Mind, and Biofield, including details on vitamins, minerals, chakras, aura, meridians, emotions, hormones, organs, body systems, sensitivities, amino acids, and digestion. You will be amazed!!


Medicine bags can be custom-made from the results on the biofeedback scan, or purchased from the online store. 


Click here to check out the blog to read the background on how they came to be.

Energy Medicine

When something is wrong with your car, you  use a diagnostic scanner to find out the voltage, amperage and resistance of the energy system of the car.  Our bodies are the same, we have an electrical system, including voltage, amperage and resistance. 

Voltage and Amperage can be increased with improvements to the endocrine system, increases to cellular vitality, decrease in stress, balancing hormones and serotonin, fixing emotional imbalances and autonomic nerve dysfunctions.

Resistance can be remedied by ridding the body of heavy metals, chemicals, bacteria, fungus, neurological stress, excess emotional negativity and any imbalances in the bodies function.

There are many "medicines" to create better energy, such as biofeedback frequencies, natural remedies like essential oils, flowers essences, Reiki, positive thoughts and emotions.

Getting rid of negativity and toxicity in the body is essential to healthy living. Ionic foot detoxes, hydro-colon therapy, herbal teas for detoxing the liver and gallbladder, etc.



products are natural with healing properties from Mother Earth and harvested in an Earth-friendly way.

Young Living has a huge collection of high-quality products, including essential oils, nutritional supplements, toxic-free baby products, chemical-free cosmetics and personal care items, and totally wonderful house cleaning supplies that are non-toxic and environmentally-friendly.

Blackberry and Lemon Detox

There are many ways to get rid of negative energy, toxicity, from your body. Check out my blog for updates and new suggestions for healthy detoxing.